Dr. Archibald's Anatomical Poetry

 here are a some examples of the hundred or so poems of dr. Archibald:

                         the nose

               It isn't just a thing of beauty,

               The nose is there to do its duty.

               We owe to it the air we breath

               And shouldn't wipe it with our sleeve.

the mouth

I shall approach the mouth with gravity

Because it's such a gaping cavity.

We use it when we shoot the breeze,

And stuff it full of calories.

Don't blame it for these functions double

If it gets you into trouble.

The care you take should have no limit

For what comes out and what goes in it.

the eyes

The male has eyes that tend to wander

But that's hardly any wonder,

especially if he's sitting next

to someone of the other sex,

For ladies know since eve and Adam

Things will happen

When they bat 'em.

and here are some that Dr. Archibald has written about animals:

the skunk

If you see a skunk along the trail

You shouldn't try to grab him by the tail.

You'll likely find out that's the end

He's most likely to defend.

It's there he's got some special vents

To share with you his special scents.

You'll find them quite unsatisfactory

To your system olfactory.

the purple cow

If you see a purple cow

She can use your help right now.

She's got trouble with her respiration

and need mouth to mouth resuscitation.