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     I'm pleased to share some OF MY LATEST  STUFF  

Bison on the move near Gina and David's S.D. home 2016    24x36  o/c

This big herd roams on huge grasslands almost like the herds did centuries ago. 


                                       ME AND ARCHIBALD

    Since I retired from medicine, I have taken lots of painting classes and, as you can see, I have gotten pretty good. At least that's what my friends say, although they usually add, "For an older man."

    Writing was a bit tougher. The only compliments I got about my fiction was that readers found it helped put them to sleep nights. I came up with one unsuccessful thriller after another until I nearly gave up.


    That's when old Archibald Millwood McLeod MD appeared on my radar. He too was a retired physician struggling to become a professional writer. He'd just turned eighty-five and wanted to write his memoir. Problem was, he'd left it too late. He had trouble separating fact from fiction.


    So did I, but I didn't tell him that. Instead, I offered to be his ghost writer.


    Archibald agreed, but insisted I illustrate some of his chapters, which I have done in what we both consider a highly professional manner.

    Just click "CONFESSIONS OF ARCHIBALD" above, where we have included a few of his chapters. You will see that our collaboration has been outstandingly creative.


Keith Marwood McDonald MD, Aurora, CO

July 23, 2017 

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