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Bison on the move near Gina and David's S.D. home 2016    24x36  o/c

This big herd roams on huge grasslands almost like the herds did centuries ago. 


Retirement can easily leave one at loose ends, something I learned quickly when I retired from medical practice 20 years ago ago. My mind had been occupied with work for so long I wasn't sure I would be bale to do anything else.

However, by a series of fortunate accidents and, once in awhile, good ideas, I uncovered some gifts I didn't know I had.

The first occurred one day while I was walking down the street in South Denver and spotted a sign in a studio window alongside a couple of the instructor's paintings, "OIL PAINTING LESSONS AVAILABLE." It fascinated me; I went in, signed up and took painting lessons on and off for the next fifteen years.


I was also fortunate enough to participate in a Christian medical mission to Cambodia,

where the story of one of my patients prompted me to write my first novel. To my surprise, I discovered that I loved writing fiction and have since published three more novels, and a couple of books of humor

Currently, I belong to a writers club here in our retirement community and continue to learn from my gifted colleagues.

Finally, as an evangelical Christian, have made a habit of attending Bible studies and volunteering.

I am afraid the above might sound self-congratulatory, but I bring it up to make the point that I have found retirement one of the richest times of my life.

I am grateful beyond measure for the opportunities I have had to exercise my creativity. There is nothing exceptional about my ability except, perhaps for stubbornness, but the pleasure I have had from creativity and the wonderful people I have met through it have added immeasurably to my life.

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